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Blue Sky Yoga & Yoga Therapy

Wellness is within reach

Current Offerings:

Spring 2024

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Echinacea Coneflowers


Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Therapy Sessions

Private, personalised, 

collaborative sessions.

Yoga Therapy involves private consultations between a trained therapist who draws upon yogic practices and wisdom to assess and address your holistic needs.  

Together we explore physical postures, breathing techniques, meditation, and other mindfulness practices which may assist you over time to reach your wellness goals.


 Home or virtual sessions can be arranged for a time that suits you.  


No previous yoga experience is required.  

Let's set up a meeting.

Yoga in the Park

Port Augusta Park, Comox

9:00 - 10:00 a.m.

Tuesdays & Fridays

 commencing 14 May until

30 August 2024

Start your day off with some lengthening & strengthening


and a focused mind.

Drop-in with your own mat;

no need to pre-register. Cancelled in the event of rain!

Bring a friend & pay as you go!

$10 / class


$8 / concession fee for those 65+, healthcare workers, veterans, or first responders

All are welcome, especially beginners.

A pre-paid YiP Punch Pass offers you savings:

10 classes for the cost of 9.

Standard YiP Punch Pass:  $90

Concession YiP Punch Pass:  $72


Any questions: email

Trauma-Sensitive Hatha Yoga
Monday evenings
7:00 - 8:00 p.m.
running now

and into June 2024
at 19 Wing Base Rec Centre, Comox

Calming, restorative & 


These classes are especially tailored for individuals working towards reducing anxiety and easing overactive energy.

Anyone interested is most welcome to attend.  

Drop-ins are encouraged.

Held at 19 Wing Comox Air Force Base,

in the multi-purpose room in the

Recreation Centre.


Designed to soothe your nervous system & set you up for restful sleep.

Military & civilian folks alike

are welcome to join.  

For more details email

or register at 19 Wing Recreation Centre.

Meet Janet Haigh of Blue Sky
Yoga Therapy

I am a fully certified Yoga Therapist and graduate of the Vancouver School of Healing Arts (2018-2020) as well as an experienced Yoga Instructor (Prana Yoga Teacher Training College, 2008).  My practice is to collaborate with you to achieve greater, balanced wellbeing as you define it.  I take a trauma-sensitive approach with individual clients and in small-class settings.  I have been trained how to conduct physical assessments using physiotherapist Diane Lee's ISM methods, as part of my intake protocol.

I am fortunate to work in Comox, BC, Canada, and acknowledge my privilege to practice, live and play on the unceded ancestral lands of the K'omoks First Nation peoples.  

Here, I incorporate various traditional yogic practices including physical postures, breath work, mudra and meditation to assist you in meeting your wellness goals.  You set the targets towards which we work.  I am a certified member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists (C-IAYT).

Are you longing to return to a blue sky state of mind, body and spirit?  It would be my honour to work with you.


What exactly is Yoga Therapy?

Client-centred, collaborative exploration


"Yoga Therapy—or as we call it Yoga As Medicine— is the selective use of various yoga tools — such as poses, breathing techniques, relaxation exercises and meditation— to help individuals with virtually any health condition, physical or psychological.  Because people's health and fitness vary, we often modify poses or use props to make the practices safe and effective.  In Yoga As Medicine, we perform detailed holistic assessments of each client—evaluating their body, mind, spirit and environment—and then craft a personalized yoga Homecare program for that client. Yoga therapy can be used by itself or as an adjunct to any conventional or alternative medical treatment." 
-Dr. Timothy McCall
(This explanation is quoted directly from Yoga Therapist and Medical Doctor Timothy McCall’s webpage:

Winter Landscape

Pema Chödrön, Buddhist nun:

"Remember: you are the sky.  Everything else is just the weather."

“My experience working with Janet, as I said to her: “It was nothing I expected … and everything I needed.”  So beautifully catered to me and my needs.  I loved the Yoga Therapy Homecare Plans given to me, summarizing what I had learnt, so I could practice at home.  Janet has a great energy and I was very impressed by her body reading skills.  [She] taught me more about my own body.”

Sarah N.

“Janet comes across as caring and empathetic, and shows a genuine concern and desire to help make yoga accessible to a person with little experience with the practice.  Working with Janet today was great, and I would like to continue working with her … She took a lot of care in trying to understand me, my motivations, and physical and even emotional needs, then to plan a session that would provide me with the most benefit.”

Maya A.

“Janet was very receptive to my needs, offering appropriate poses and clear instructions throughout the postures. She was very good at demonstrating what to do as well as checking in to make sure I was feeling good.  Janet was very attentive to my specific needs ... I also really liked her feedback and encouragement.  Janet has been truly amazing in helping me over the past 3 weeks.  She is very knowledgeable and attentive.”

Melissa H.

Absolutely every person, every body is invited!


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Pebble Beach

My Story

Every breath we take is another chance at living

My yoga journey began in our basement in the 1970s, with my Mom leading us kids through Kareen Zebroff's "The ABCs of Yoga" book.  What fun and how exotic was this new experience?  After practicing on my own and teaching yoga informally for several years, I felt compelled to become a fully qualified yoga instructor in 2008, and have been teaching classes ever since.  

I am now an experienced and IAYT certified Yoga Therapist who has taught yoga students ranging in age from 13 to 100+.  I graduated from the Vancouver School of Healing Arts' Advanced Yoga Therapy course in 2020.  Previously, I was a high school English literature teacher who lived and taught abroad for 28 years in eight African, Asian and Middle Eastern countries.  

While I lived abroad, I taught yoga on the side and realised that most every person left their practice feeling happier, more energised, connected with others, and resilient than when they began.  "Why not investigate how to share more of these positive benefits with others, in a therapeutic capacity as a Yoga Therapist?" I wondered ... then set out to become qualified to do so.

My primary interest as a Yoga Therapist is to offer trauma-informed, restorative one-to-one yoga therapy to patients, caregivers, survivors, teachers, first responders, clergy and others who assist fellow human beings. I also offer chair-based yoga to elders and other clientele who may not feel best served by typical yoga offerings in the mainstream.  I welcome all persons with deep respect.

I seek opportunities to serve joyfully in helping you achieve your individual, specific wellness goals.  I work with kindness, curiosity and gentle open-mindedness to assist you in discovering the healing benefits of yoga: anxiety reduction, balanced energy levels, increased resilience, stress relief, greater flexibility, healing assistance, and fitness of mind, body and spirit. 

I firmly believe there is blue sky within each of us, to reclaim and bask beneath ... care to explore more of it together? 

Please scroll down to see my fees.  You are welcome to contact me for further information:

email       FaceBook page: Blue Sky Yoga Therapy

Ray of Light

The thinking behind Blue Sky Yoga Therapy

Blue sky thinking mixes open-minded optimism with curious wonder. It is a positive way to consider alternative solutions to life's problems. If we take a fresh approach and consider things anew, we can bring about change.  While a common sky above unifies all who live beneath it, we personally experience physical, emotional and other types of "weather" that are uniquely ours. Fortunately, clouds come and go while the serene sky patiently abides, a constant and hopeful sign of calm balance.

As a Yoga Therapist and Instructor, I choose to be a blue sky thinker and mover. I am excited to work at resolving situations by using yoga to explore possible solutions.  Blue Sky Yoga Therapy honours the complex entity that you are as a physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual person, and helps you navigate your particular challenges on any of these levels, in the protected space of one-to-one meetings.

"How blue is the sea, how blue is the sky,

how blue and tiny and redeemable everything is,

especially you."

Mary Oliver, poet

Child's Pose

Blue Sky Yoga Class & Yoga Therapy Fees

All fees given in Canadian dollars inclusive of taxes.  

Concession rates offered to first responders, CAF active/retired persons, healthcare workers and folks 65+ years of age.

Yoga in the Park (May-Aug)

Pay as you go: $10/standard or $8/concession fee

Pre-paid 10-Class YiP Punch Passes: $90/standard or $72/concession

Each 60-75 minute Yoga Class (mat or chair)

In person; can be paid by cash or e-transfer

$15.00 Standard fee / $12.00 Concession fee

Option: 10-Class Pre-paid Punch Card for the cost of 9 classes ($135 standard; $108 concession)

Each 60-75 minute Yoga Class (mat or chair)

Pre-paid via Zoom

$10.00 (all students)

Each 60-75 minute Yoga Class (mat or chair)

Drop-in via Zoom (arranged by email no later than 24 hours prior to start of class)

$15.00 (all students)

Each 60-minute Private 1-to-1 Yoga Therapy Session in rented studio space

$115.00 / $100.00 

Each 60-minute Private 1-to-1 Yoga Therapy Session at client’s home or space

$75.00 / $65.00

Each 60-minute Private 1-to-1 Yoga Therapy Session via Zoom or Skype

$60.00 / $50.00

Bundle of 3 prepaid Yoga Therapy Sessions (60-minute Private 1-to-1) delivered either face-to-face or virtually

Save $25.00 off total price (applicable for all rates)

GIFT CERTIFICATES can be arranged:

you choose the amount & service you wish to send, and a Gift Certificate will be delivered to your designated recipient.

Other private yoga classes or yoga therapy sessions:  fee to be arranged


Mission: to establish yoga as a recognized, respected therapy

In-depth competency-based educational standards

Rigorous accreditation process for training programs

Certification of individual therapists (C-IAYT)

Learn more at

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